Ik. Matt Klay. Pseudoniem van. Hobbies, sporten, noem het maar op, ik doe het allemaal.

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Trainingen. Maar niet zomaar over alles. Ik vind het belangrijk om te groeien als persoon. Daar vertel ik je graag meer over.

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Ik heb veel mogen ontvangen, nu is het tijd om te delen.

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Matt Klay: Doesn't have any honour

For honour: death holds no value

Today I want to try something different. Today’s subject isn’t as serious as I’m used to writing about. It’s just something that I have been thinking about lately, and want to get off my chest. Here goes. As you might know, I read a lot of fantasy novels. In classic fantasy, there are knights on […]

Matt Klay: Entitled to nothing

Entitlement: your own mortal enemy

Entitlement. It can either mean the right to or the belief that one has a right to privileges or special treatment. The first one is excellent. If you are factually, rightly entitled to something, I’m happy for you. You should be aware of the second definition, though. When someone believes that he has a right […]

Matt Klay: Blogging is being proactive, right?

Proactivity: Create your own destiny

Today I’m going to teach you all a little trick, which will help you to make all your dreams come true. You will perform better at your job, so that you have a bigger chance at a promotion. It will deepen your relationships, not only with your partner, but with your family, friends and colleagues […]

Matt Klay: Letting go all of the time

Have courage: Know when to let go

About half a year ago I wrote about letting go. I wrote “It’s important to feel good about the manner in which you spend your time. This includes being comfortable with not doing lots and lots of things. Being able to feel comfortable with not doing things is what I call letting go.” Half a […]